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Developing environmental solutions for your seawater intakes, water and waste water treatment projects.

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SEE Pty Ltd’s MISSION - Is to work with you and our global partners to take into account the local environmental demands and develop the best treatment solution to meet your project or facility needs.

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71% of our planet is covered by water, reflecting back from space as the colour blue. This means that there are millions of miles of coastal boundaries where
our human activity impacts and interacts with the water environment.

Our continued population expansion increases demand in these boundary areas and environmental regulation changes and natural evolution result in new and challenging demands to maintain continued and effective operation of energy and industrial plants.

Our many years of experience in the specialist area of seawater intakes and biofouling protection can provide you and your project with best practice advice and solutions for effective and reliable seawater systems which effectively handle biofouling, seaweed, jellyfish, and red tide blooms which prevent fish and other sea life from being entrained in the seawater system or returned safely to the sea.

Our environmental solutions extend beyond seawater intakes. We provide solutions for effective treatment of waste water with package solutions and also the provision of plant for generating potable water from sea and salt water.

Seawater and fresh water intakes

Seawater and
fresh water intakes

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Offshore and

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Onshore water and wastewater treatment and recycling

Onshore water and wastewater treatment and recycling

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Offshore and marine

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